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Stacey Reinert – CEO

With an 18-year career as a commercial banker, Stacey Reinert has risen in the commercial banking ranks in Arizona, funding businesses large and small, and has developed a reputation as one of the top commercial bankers in the state. She has a unique ability to identify businesses poised for success and goes to great lengths to make sure those businesses get the funding they need to grow. This talent has resulted in an unheard of track record where she never had a loan go bad, and that was even during the fallout from the banking crisis.

Many of the loans in her portfolio went to entrepreneurial doctors who had the drive and talent to start clinics and surgical centers. This recognition led her to focus exclusively on the healthcare sector and now Stacey specializes on healthcare service companies including specialty practices with expertise in equipment financing, working capital, acquisitions and cash management.

Personally, Stacey has a passion for fitness, as it has always been her outlet for releasing stress and maintaining an iron constitution. To say passion, would actually be an understatement. Stacey has religiously exercised her entire adult life, sometimes maintaining multiple memberships at different gyms so she could cross train in different areas. Days leading up to the birth of each of her three children, Stacey could be found doing her regular routine at her favorite facility. She now gets up at 5:00 every morning and hits her fully furnished 3-car garage gym, so expansive that her cars have to sit on the front driveway.

This passion for fitness resulted in her co-founding Wodstar, an online virtual gym that combines expertly crafted exercise movement videos with some of the best fitness programmers in the world to help promote safety in Olympic lifting and functional fitness. The Wodstar video library of over 400 movements is regarded as some of the best instructional videos on the Internet and Wodstar’s programming athletes, like former Navy Seal Josh Bridges, enjoy a world-wide following.

As CEO of Well-X, Stacey combines her business acumen with that zeal for fitness and wellness to bring the best corporate fitness and nutrition programming to the marketplace. This is Stacey’s passion and her goal is to share that with others to promote healthy lifestyles, mental fitness, improved productivity, and an all around better quality of life.